Maté Kamaras

In Mate Kamaras dwells, the universe of Renaissance man and a hyperactive artist in the spirit of the modern age.

After graduation, he explodes into the hustle and bustle of the domestic, but primarily international, musical world. From Budapest, through Vienna, to Japan. The artist in him was suppressed at the beginning, though he received great talent as a legacy of his father. However, 8 years ago it began to re-create. At first, he produced drawings than artistic abstract expressionistic images that radiate energy. In recent years, then, he began to train himself systematically but he owes a lot to Ágnes Máger, Éva Paks, Wolfgang Kluge and Kálmán Gasztonyi in his artistic development. In the past two years, he has also sidestepped the genre of portrait painting and surrealism, where he has also been successful.

Born in 1976 in Miskolc (Hungary) and raised in the company of a versatile family. Even as a child, he discovered his unusual interest in the arts. His father was a photographer and graphic artist, his mother comes from a family in which music and literature plays a significant role. Already in his youth he began to paint, but decided after school to devote himself to the music – especially the vocals. His profession as a singer and actor took him to many countries in Europe and Asia.

In addition to singing, painting has nevertheless been a significant companion. Countless pictures were taken over the years. In July 2013, as part of a three-month exhibition “Újra Itthon” own works were published together with his father’s photographic works in the Hermann Otto Museum Miskolc.

Continuing this, for a long time Vienna was considered a second home for him. From 2007 onwards, he lived and worked for several times in Japan. Also at the time of the Fukushima disaster.

In 2014, he was active as “Goodwill Ambassador” in the context of the cultural exchange year, between the “Visegradi 4” (Poland, Slovakia, Czechs, Hungary) + Japan. In 2017, his fate has brought him to Hamburg where he lives and works ever since. The encounter with people of other cultural backgrounds and the direct confrontation of foreign social structures and manners open up new perspectives, which are also reflected in his artistic work. In addition to his native language (Hungarian), he speaks fluent German, English and Japanese which allows him to get to know other cultures better. He believes that the true boundaries are the languages ​​between countries and people.

Ágnes Máger

Bildende Künstlerin und Kuratorin

“There is a form of life energy in his art. In each of his pictures, something mystical is present. Honest and free-flowing would be my description “

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„Újra Itthon“ Kamaras & Kamaras Hermann Otto Muzeum Miskolc

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